The Galley Grill Pub  sits at the core of the small fishing port and resort village, affectionately known as 'Erieau'.  Erieau is a peninsula located on the north shore of Lake Erie and the south shore of Rondeau Bay. Erieau lies in the migratory paths of not only a host of bird species, but also to many folks who stop over to enjoy the sandy beaches, fish-full waters, proven hunting grounds, scenic views, great food and to enjoy the company of our local residents.  People talk about southern hospitality; they must be talking about us, right here in Canada’s ‘Deep  South’!

The Galley is a full service Erieau restaurant & pub, that has it's crew serving up hot coffee, cold beer, tender vittles, and fantastic conversation.  Erieau's Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner; we have it all!  Spending time in the Galley will not only allow you to experience such delectable dishes as the ‘Bucky’ burger and Friday’s ‘Yellow’ perch dinner, but you may also catch a whisper of someone’s secret fishing hot spot.  If you're looking to absorb great lakes, bays,  ponds, or puddles of knowledge and current events, The Galley is the place to be, where they also regularly host the 'Circle of Wisdom'.


Erieau Eau Buoy Galley,Erieau Beach Buoy